Predictions for the Season


Built Ford Tough

What are all of your predictions for the upcoming season? Player related or team related.

I think the Raptors will finish with a record of 47-35 and finish 5th in the East.

Chris Bosh will average 23-11
TJ Ford will average 16-8
Andrea Bargnani will average 16-6

Those are mine. What are yours?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Here are my predictions

I think the Raptors will be 50-32

Chris Bosh will average 23-12
TJ Ford will get 16-8.5

The Atlantic is way tougher with NYK,Boston improving in so many ways, and New Jersey still as the Big 3. But our pick-ups are pretty good as well, and I like the fact that they've gone almost un-noticed by other NBA teams. I have a strong feeling will get 50 wins this year. It's going to be tough because of our schedule, but if we stay healthy it's a strong possibility.