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    Nashville Predators Executive Vice President/General Manager David Poile announced today that the club has acquired forward Peter Forsberg (PEE-tuhr FOHRS-buhrg) from the Philadelphia Flyers for forward Scottie Upshall, defenseman Ryan Parent and Nashville’s first-round and third-round selections in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

    “Peter Forsberg is one of the NHL’s most complete players and the ultimate competitor – a consistent winner who has year in and year out been a difference-maker in the Stanley Cup Playoffs,” said Poile. “He strengthens our club up the middle and will provide another battle-tested, veteran voice to our dressing room. Adding a player of this caliber also sends a strong message to our fans that the Nashville Predators are prepared to compete at the highest level.”

  2. andrew_bishop

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    ... And im left here to wonder where the hell did this come from. I think that from all the teams I thought about possibly aquiring Forsberg Nashville was on the bottem of the list. Very big shock coming into me right now. Upshall has been a bismal for the team thus far and now he will never know what could have been if he had lived to the hype. Big move and possibly the biggest shock I'll see for the next little while. Is this a sign of what to come at the deadline or is this the biggest move we'll see?
  3. Kazmarov

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    That's my heart falling into a Lake of True Uncertainty.

    Three things could happen:

    1) Forsberg is healthy, The Preds go to town for a couple years. Everyone else is fucked.

    2) Forsberg gets injured, and the Preds piss away a boatload of cap space. They get pretty far this season, but have to deal with fewer prospects due to lost picks.

    3)Forsberg doesn't play very well. Similar to #2

    Man, he went cheap. Really shows how his stock has dropped.
  4. Turbo

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    This was a shocker as a lot of people had him coming to the doesn't make sense considering the great players in Nashville already. Plus Forsberg's a free agent the end of the year so there's no guarantee he'll stay there.
  5. andrew_bishop

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    The Preds really didn't need to make this move but I think it will help them to have a little dept for the stretch run. They gave up really nothing because Upshall is not that great of a player , A third round pick goes really nowhere now and the first round pick will be a late one that will probably be wasted. Good move for the Preds if you really think about it. Unlucky break for the Rangers however think atleast you got the gift of Weeks beings hurt.:yes:
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    Scottie Upshall is still young and could do great things with the young nucleus that the Flyers are going for. Ryan Parent is a defensive stud and might make the NHL next year, and adding a first round and third round pack to the deal is a lot for Peter Forsberg. I never expected him to be traded to Nashville but if he stays healthy he brings a wealth of experience to a young team that as no playoff experience. I think in the long run the Flyers won this trade because I doubt that Forsberg will be back in Nashville next year.
  7. andrew_bishop

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    I think if the Preds go far this year and maybe have a really strong finish and make a run for the cup then Forsberg will stay. I think that this is a good fit because he brings experience and leadership to a young team. Nashville gets the better of this because Parent might not want to start his career with the Flyers , Upshall has not done anything to this point and thats what im basing this on and third round choice is not gonna break into the league for a few years . Now the first rounder is the basic of the Flyer deal. Thats a good thing for them
  8. Babe_Ruth

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    I don't know why I say this but even if Nashville does bring the Stanley Cup home this year, I doubt that Peter Forsberg will re-sign with the organization. I am not sure if Ryan Parent will not play with the Flyers, but if that were true I think that the Flyers front office wouldn't ask for him to be part of the deal. And having a first round and third round pick never hurts your team.
  9. andrew_bishop

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    Well he is a young guy so maybe he will start off the part of his career with the Flyers. Plus if Nashville hands over the money Forsberg will stay but if they can't he wont and I think I was biased with Upshall I based my opinion on his past but I think this move will help the kid develop.
  10. Turbo

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    Forsberg doesn't guarantee Nashville the cup...especially if his foot injury acts up again....I think the Flyers hurt themselves as Forsberg was their saving grace......I don't regret the Rangers not getting him as he's iffy healthwise and a free agent in the end of the season.

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