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Precious metal on other planets?


Heavy Weapons Guy
So what do you think would happen to our economies if we discovered some other precious metals on other planets any time soon...?
I mean once we have technology to actually get it, w/o a monopoly, would it be beneficial to our economy?


Secret Agent
Staff member
If the metals are even different from our own current metals. Moon rocks are already quite expensive. So much so that you will likely live your entire life without getting one. NASA has a few that they've brought back, but imagine the process of getting such materials. Unless there was a use for them here on earth (that couldn't be duplicated with other metals) I doubt it would be economically feasible to bring much back, aside from having some for research purposes.

I don't foresee any space metal jewelry going on sale anytime soon at the mall..


Well-Known Member
Well it all depends on the value of the metal and how much they could bring back. You have to make sure to remember though that it costs a lot of money to go up into space, so that had better be some very quality metal or else it would end up costing more than somebody would make.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I would think that it has to be a metal we don't know of yet, or one we can't easily synthesize and/or re-create. Remember, there's billions of tons of iron out there on other planets, so why can't there be other elements?


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Since space has very odd conditions that we don't completely understand yet right now pretty much anything is possible. I read in the paper somewhere a couple months ago that they have found a dead star that is completely filled with diamond, I am not sure how this came to be though, can this truly be diamond or something like diamond? Is it possible that diamonds can be made on earth over a long time and inside stars. The universe is filled with stuff that we don't know about, therefore we cannot actually claim that something such as there being metal out there that we don't know about. I am sure that there is, but I am not so sure that we will get to it when any of us are still alive.


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I am sure there are other metals that we don't know about, but the thing is, do tax payers want to spend the extra money to get it and how are we going to get tons of it. I don't think we will ever be able to do that. I just don't.