Pre-Season Prediction


Ms. Malone
The new season is upon us! So let's hear some predictions, how do you think your team/fave team will do?

No arguing please. That's all i'm asking.

Huddersfield Town: I went to the friendly against Sheffield United down at the 'Pharm, the new Gaff Stan has been bringing in players for the past few months and i think most of them are experienced but...plump :/ Fat players annoy me...

The second half looked better than the first when Stan completly switched the team around from experienced to youth, the pace really picked up and it looked like a proper game. We won 2-1, a goal in each half.

It's hard for me to make a prediction at the moment, we have a friendly against Arsenal on Wednesday so hopefully Stan will have picked his first team by then and treat it like an actual game.


Supreme System Lord
Manchester United: They'll hopefully be bringing in at least one top class player to strenghten their already impressive squad.

They'll definitely be looking to defend both the Premier League and the European cup. I think they'll be front runners for the league but defending their European crown I think is too much to ask.

I think they will definitely win one major trophy.


Ms. Malone
Town update: Alright we lost 2-1 to Arsenal but we got the first goal in AND kept the first team out. We made Wenger sweat and Theo couldn't get it in, you'd think they weren't Premiership team. Lol.

Second half both teams had an 11 man change so it was both reserves facing each other, poor little Smithies isn't quite as skilled as Rabs but Eastwood made a nice save the was poorly executed :/ (Yes we used all 3 keepers)

I don't know who's gonna be on the first team and i can't figure it out, but i'd like to see some of the experianced lads mixed in with our 'young guns' and hopefully Danny 'sick note' Cadamartari will play more than just a few games.

Overall i think we can deffo make the play offs and win a cup or two! Bradford here we come for the CC round 1!