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Pre-Packaged Sandwiches


Registered Member
I find these products to be something of a mystery.

For starters, they are complete rip-offs. Generally cut into triangles, using up two slices of bread and filled according to a label. They are pricey, when you think about it. For instance, I work in a shop, and they sell them - For a chicken mayo you're looking at £2.29 --

That's the price of a pint of ale.
The price of a bargain bin DVD.
The price of an entire dinner if you shop around.

This is just a basic filling, other fillings can set you back almost £4, if not more. The fillings are quite an interesting thing too, they seem to be constantly evolving.

There must be at least 70 different types of filling/sandwich we do at our little shop alone. We do wraps (fajita and khobex style), we do brown bread, white bread, malted bread (whatever that is), we do breadcakes and subs... It seems endless.

There's chicken, and chicken mayo, and chicken tikka. Sweet chilli chicken, chicken balti, coronation chicken --- That's just a frigging chicken. Never mind the cheeses, hams, eggs, lettuces, beefs and whatever else we bloody do.

I know, sarnies in this form have been around a while. Yet I find it hard to pinpoint the exact moment when they came into fruition. I never really noticed until I began working, they never had them at school. I suspect they've been around for donkey's years, but I wouldn't know, and although I am a bit geeky sometimes, I don't think I'm quite geeky enough to go and find out. Anyway...

It is profoundly expensive to keep buying them, yet I sell myself into it. Time and time again, just because of the 'convenience factor'.

Does anyone else buy into pre-packaged sandwiches, and if so could you assess the benefits or problems with doing so, if they exist, from your point of view. Perhaps you could name your favourite filling too, and let us know if you've come across some weird fillings too, there seems to be an enormous range where that's concerned.

Thanks :)


Registered Member
I avoid prepackaged sandwiches like the plague. There is only one exception--there is a sub sandwich at our local Safeway that's absolutely huge; I'm not kidding, it can feed four people; 6 if you cut it into prepackaged-sandwich-size pieces. It's loaded with ham and salami and cheese, and some lettuce and a couple of other things. At ten bucks a sandwhich it's a real deal and very tasty and satisfying. I don't get it often because the filling isn't that good for you, processed meat and cheese and all that, but on the very rare occasion that I do buy a sandwich it is always and only that one.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Pre-packed sandwiches here are sold on the "fresh" section of the grocery and aren't that much different from the sandwiches I can get in the boulangeries (with the exception of a 2day or so expiry date marking).

I like them. I'd rather make my own of course but when I get hungry and out of the house, I'd rather buy those for lunch than go to a fastfood place.


AKA Ass-Bandit
I don't have this problem. Mainly because I get ham, cheese and pickle bloomers from Greggs. They cost around £1.85, which is a pretty price, I'd like to think.

There are also the £2 meal deals I can get from Tesco which includes a sandwich, a can of drink and a packet of crisps, which is even better.


Sally Twit
There are a few places that sell sandwiches for pretty cheap. I prefer cobs, though. I do agree that they are a complete rip off but a lot of people can't be bothered to make their own so they'll always buy them.


Registered Member
I probably ate at least one pre-packaged sandwich to know...I won't ever eat another~
I see them in the hospital lounges and waiting areas....and I always wonder how the hell long they've been there.
They don't interest me, I can go without eating before I pay an outrageous amount for an item that tastes like shit.


Boom Boom Pow!
I'm not a fan of pre-packaged sandwichs. I usually don't like the fillings or find the fillings to have a strange taste to them and yes I try not to buy them because they are expensive.

I usually only buy a pre-packaged sandwhich when I haven't got a lunch with me or there isnt really anything else that takes my fancy.


Living on the 0th floor
I know they sell these in a lot of vending machines at the hospitals I have worked in and the schools I have gone to. They do seem to be really expensive for a super bland sandwich. I have never seen chicken salad or tuna salad, maybe they have a little more flavor, but I have only seen turkey and cheese and ham and cheese. I bought one out of desperation when my mom was having emergency surgery one time, and it wasn't bad.. It was just so bland. It tasted like absolutely nothing.

The only other time I have had a sandwich that was premade was from a gas station, and it was amazing, but it had just been made, so I guess that doesn't really count.


rainbow 11!
i hate premade sammiches, i would rather make it myself then get one from a vending machine or gas station.


Registered Member
I've never had a premade sammich because I'm vegan and premade vegan anything is hard to find unless you go to a specialty store.. doesn't sound appealing, though, I like my food fresh and inexpensive, and I'd rather make it myself.