Pre-Nuptual Agreements



I'm curious what you consider the psychology of pre-nuptual agreements.

Men will comment that if he owns it, she owns it and if she owns it she owns it, implying that if a man gets divorced, he will likely get the worst of the settlement. Therefore he would need this protection

On the other hand, a pre-nuptual agreement can be considered a pre-divorce agreement or not very romantic.

What are your thoughts on this?


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A long time ago I considered pre-nups to be pre-divorce agreements, like you said, but when you consider the statistics - 50% of marriages will end in divorce - it seems to me that pre-nups can save a lot of grief & hassle during a time that is already painful enough.


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I dunno, I always though they were some type of "Last Minute" leverage over a marriage. Just in case things were getting worse instead of better they would remember that they were in a written contract to split things (as evenly as they would) and they get their lives back.



I don't see a problem with pre-nuptual agreements so long as both spouses go in with the mind that the marriage is going to last. Now, it can be argued that the pre-nup removes romance, but it also removes the incentive for the woman to seek a divorce. Really though, I think that the statistics for divorce are less than 50% for those who would have more reason to seek a prenup in the first place as education would correlate strongly with both knowing/having reason to desire one, and with not needing a divorce.


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Prenups are essential to our time. Too often someone is screwed in a divorce.

If your significant other refuses to marry if a prenup isnt signed, they arent worth marrying because if they get bent out of shape over it (usually I find its the women who get offended) than imagine the other bigger problems you will have down the road.


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I think if a couple to be married (and are in it for the love) are both smart enough to realize that they may love each other to death now, things change, people lie etc, they will get a prenuptial.


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I've drawn up probably a couple of thousand or more pre-nups and litigated many more. If you are both young and have nothing. Don't bother with a pre-nup. You won't get any benefit from it. Pre nups only have a benefit for established people who have something to lose. Pre nups are nothing more than contracts. They have to have offer, consideration, and mutual benefit. Many times a guy thinks he has an iron clad pre-nup and she can't even get spousal support, then finds himself at the cleaners for child support, and probably spousal support as well. Depends on what kind of idiot wrote the pre-nup.

I remember a divorce governed by a pre nup. I was asking for outrageous support that the other attorney, who wrote the pre nup thought he had in the bag, until I reminded him that the support wasn't spousal support, it was child support and we had a pipeline right to the guys bank account and I was just turning on the tap. Gotta have a house for the kid. He had to give up the house, car, beaucoup support and a trip to Europe every year.

Those were the days!


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Then don't get married young so you have some things to keep. Get your things, and when you have all your things, get married. I guarantee you that whatever you get during the marriage will be community property if you live in a CP state.


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Pre-nups make logical sense, as there are many marriages that are essientally glorified larceny, with one member suffering huge losses of material in the divorce process.

However, if you do indeed believe you need one, you probably shouldn't get married in the first place.