~Pre Inventory Sales~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

I don't know if many of you pay attention to this but you should.

Every year around jan 10 the Big Retail Chain stores start to do their Inventory prep.

But instead of getting ready to count most of the store inventory they mark them way down. Usually 50 to 80% off the MSRP.

You see the store would rather take a loss than have to count the items. It's also a way they get rid of seasonal overstock (AKA Toys and other related merchandise)

Good example: Walmart was selling the Deluxe 12 inch Bumble Bee from the movie Transformers. It retailed for 89.00 over the Holiday season. Now they have it in their sale rack for $20.00. (yes I bought one)

Why take the loss? means more back to the store than if they have the item sit on their shelves not selling cause the price is to high.

You will notice when these sales are about to happen. You will see tags like DNI (Do not inventory) Display items and shelf count tags on the start of the isles. But usually you can't miss the sales cause they are huge walls of discounted merchandise, and the prices on that wall will go down each day till all the items are sold or they actually have to add them to their inventory counts.

Once they have to count the Item it will go back to full MSRP and the sales will end till the next year.

So next time you are at your local Wallie world, Target, K-Mart take a look around and see if you can pick up a few of these great deals.

It's a great way to pick off that expensive Christmas present for yourself that you wanted but was way to expensive at the time you saw it.

Keep a sharp eye out for these deals, you will be glad you did.