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Prank caller convinces employees to trash store


Free Spirit
Staff member
This is so funny, but then again it's not because of the damage. This prank caller gets these convenience store employees to discharge the fire extinguishers then throw them through the window. All this took place with customers in the store. Then when asked to break the computer one employee decided something wasn't right. I guess purposely breaking a computer is too much for most people.

Prank caller convinces convenience store employees to set off fire extinguishers, trash store

Too bad they didn't figure it out before throwing the fire extinguishers through the window. Now the windows are boarded up.



Registered Member
LOL! In a word - brain-dead! No way that they anybody would need to turn off an alarm like that. Also any corporate office that would use serious damages just to shut down an alarm shouldnt be a corporate office lol!


Free Spirit
Staff member
This is what happens when people aren't taught to think for themselves.

I would have loved to see the expression on their customers face.


Creeping On You
I can see how they were duped though. If you're working in retail its because you really need the job. So if someone higher up than you calls, even if it doesn't seem quite right, you don't wanna take the risk of not doing it unless you're absolutely sure. Although I'd have been tipped off by the fact that there wasn't any fire...


I'm serious
When I read the OP, I kept thinking what could someone possibly say to make them do that. And the abuse of authority definitely made sense. But to robots, yeah. Dragon said it - brain dead.

Kudos to the caller for being able to make them do that. Some skills there. He should pay for the damage though.


Yeah, like windows suck, like ya know, but computerz rule! Like ya know something is up when someone tells you to like mash a computer.

... Has it really come to this? Okay, powers that be, you're task of dumbing down society is officially complete, you can move on to phase 2, whatever that is.

Tales like this make me consider putting my name in the running for that one way trip to Mars.

How do people this idiotic even manage to survive to adulthood? They are one braincell over needing to be reminded to breath. The laws of natural selection should have seen these guys run over by traffic (while riding in a shopping cart perhaps), or with their head blown off because they wanted to see a bullet firing from inside a gun. And exactly what were the prerequisites for getting hired at this place? I don't even know how anyone this stupid could make correct change. Counting on their fingers must tie up the customers for a long time.

- Chameleon