Powerpuff Girls Z!


Ms. Malone
That's right Powerpuff Girls Z! A japanese Powerpuff Girl cartoon! Here's the story line!

In this anime-style re-imagining of the series, instead of Townsville, Z takes place in Tokyo City. When Professor Utonium and his son accidently create the substance Chemical Z (created when a Rice Cake falls into a vat of Chemical X), his son shoots it as a beam when a giant glacier threatens the city.

Shooting out into different white and black beams of light, it hits three regular girls, Momoko (Hyper Blossom), Miyako (Rolling Bubbles), and Kaoru (Power Buttercup), giving them all superpowers and the ability to transform into the Powerpuff Girls! However, out of the light of Chemical Z, new super-villains are created, such as the mad monkey Mojo Jojo and many other strange foes.

With a new set of problems ahead for Tokyo City, will these new Powerpuff Girls be the cure?

I first saw a clip of the PPZ transfomation on tokyopop and thought 'WTF?' and decided to look into it further...by watching 3 episodes ^_^;; It's a PP/Sailor Moon cross (with the transformations) and it's well...different than the original o_O

Episodes (for those who want to take a look) are on youtube (in jap but with subtitles) but in 3 parts, which was annoying.

Has anyone else heard of this? Or am i the first to tell you about it?

EDIT: It was released in Japan July 1st of this year!


A Darker Knight
I remember seeing a thread about it on pojo. It's kind of werid and cool at the same time, but I don't think I'd watch it.

now they actually have weapons...


Ms. Malone
It is one of those 'it's weird but i wanna watch it' kind of programs. I do suggest watching it...just to have a look.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Heard about it on animeforum already. Hmm...there is a link on there too with alot of screenshots of the stuff. But finally Buttercup got a weapon that suits her! A hammer dominates all lol^^;


Ms. Malone
I've been watching the eps on youtube...i'll admit it...i'm addicted --_-- *sigh*

But the ending theme rocks! ^_^