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Power Within Three: The Prophecy


Ms. Malone
New fic! I will update both i promise!


Long ago a child with black eyes was born. As the child grew it gained powers that no one could ever imagine, telekinesis, hypnosis, illusion and premonition. When the child was sixteen the villages thought it was a demon and burnt it alive in a cage. The ‘demon’s’ powers were scattered throughout the village and it vowed to return sixteen years after the child with golden eyes was born.

Years later a child was born with golden eyes. The child and three others had inherited the abilities of the ‘demon’, by then, the villages had forgotten the ‘demon’s’ threat and lived life peacefully. Sixteen years later the ‘demon’ returned for its abilities. While it was trapped in the Spirit Realm it learnt the extraction ability. The ‘demon’ tried extraction on the children, but they stood together and banished it to the Spirit Realm once again. But before it was banished completely, it vowed to come back again.

Centuries passed. No other children were born with golden eyes. That is, until now. One teenage girl now holds the burden on her shoulders. Like all the others before her she’s graceful, she’s intelligent, she’s calm and polite, she’s-

“Call me princess again Adam, and I swear I’ll break your nose!â€Â

She’s Collette Sanders.

Chapter 1
The trial week at Specson Boarding School was over. Collette, Emma and Jacob returned home and became day students. Jacob had kept quiet about his visions; he believed he was just going mad. It had been two weeks since his first vision and he’d had nightmares every night since and it never made any sense.

“Jacob honey.†Sally gently shook him awake. “Are you feeling better?â€Â

Jacob had been faking an illness for a week, just to keep his distance from Collette. His vision of her had scared him. But now it was half term, he wasn’t going to waste it by pretending to be sick. He opened his eyes and smiled.

“Yeah mom, much better.â€Â

“Good.†She smiled. “Because we’re going to Sarah’s.â€Â

“Sarah’s?†Jacob slowly sat up.

“No! I won’t go!!†Collette yelled from downstairs.

“Oh…Sarah.†Jacob sighed and changed into his black pants and top. He stood at the top of the stairs and watched as Collette clung to the banister, as if her life depended on it, while Pete tried so hard to pull her out the door by her legs.

“C’mon, Collette.†He growled. “She wants to see you!â€Â

“No she doesn’t!â€Â

“You have to let go of the banister sometime!â€Â

“No I won’t! If I end up taking it with me, I’ll use it as a bat! Her head can be the ball!†Pete eventually let her go, he needed a break. Emma and Sally were standing just outside observing the whole thing.

“Collette, you can’t stay here on your own.†Pete tried reasoning with her.

“I’ll stay at the school and practice my guitar with Adam.†She loosened her grip on the banister.

“No!†He pulled her by the waist and her grip slipped. The pair nearly went flying out the door but Pete managed to keep his balance. Collette wriggled free, darted out of the door and down the road towards the school faster than you could say ‘Aunt Sarah’.

“Collette!†Sally called after her. “Come back!â€Â

Jacob slid on his trainers and stepped outside. “I’ll go after her.â€Â

“No.†Sally smiled as a figure with something slung over their shoulder walked up to the house. “It’s ok.â€Â

“Good morning, Sally.†Adam smiled. “I think this belongs to you.†He dropped the defeated Collette into Jacob’s arms. She crossed her arms and growled.


“Thank you, Adam.†Sally smiled.

“Yes, thank you.†Pete gave him a light pat on the shoulder. Sally had told Pete everything when she returned from the factory. He seemed distrusting of her for a while, but eventually came around after meeting Adam. The two got along well.

“Has Greg gone home?†Jacob looked up at Adam.

“Yeah, but he should be home by the weekend.†He smiled and looked to Collette. “You should stop fighting your aunt, Princess.â€Â

“What have I told you about calling me Princess!?†She swung for him. He just grabbed her fist and kissed her hand gently. Collette growled. “And stop doing that!â€Â

“Don’t mind Collette, Adam.†Emma smiled. “She’s just a little grumpy because she had to get up early.â€Â

“Ah, my Princess didn’t get enough sleep.†He said loud enough for her to hear as Jacob and Pete wrestled her into the car.

“She’s going to get you tomorrow.†Emma giggled and jumped into the car after Jacob. Adam watched and smiled as the Yaris pulled out of the drive and sped off down the road. The smile faded when they rounded the corner and were out of site.

“It’s going to be lonely here without her…â€Â

The Yaris pulled up to a small house on the quiet side of Leeds. It didn’t look like much. It was a thin maroon brick house with deep brown doors and window pains. There were net curtains in the windows so nobody could see inside. The garden didn’t even look like a garden. It was just flagstones with weed growing in the gaps, reaching out for the sun. Collette reluctantly walked up the steps to the door. She had been bribed with a guitar she had been eyeing in the Argos catalogue for a while, so something good would come out of something so horrible. Pete pushed the doorbell. Collette could here the annoying sound of the bell in her head. Ding-Dong. It was so dull. The door opened to a young boy round seven years old, with thin red hair and light brown/red eyes. He wore a pair of Nike pants and a sweatshirt Collette had bought for him last Christmas. He was the son of Sarah’s twenty eight year old daughter, Sandrine. The young boy was followed by Sarah. She was a plump woman with stringy red hair and green eyes. She wore a faded black skirt that stopped at her ankles, a long white polo shirt and purple slippers.

“Come on in Arthur.†She pulled him away from the door and looked at the group. “Pete, it’s good to see you.†She stepped aside and let them in. The whole house smelled of tobacco and thin traces of smoke seemed to linger in every room.

“It’s good to see you two, Sarah.†He wrapped his arm around Sally. “This is Sally, my girlfriend and her son Jacob. And this is Emma; we’ve kind of adopted her.†He smiled.

“And I see you brought the trouble maker.†Sarah glared at Collette.

“Actually, Sarah.†Sally stepped in. “Collette has been really good.â€Â

“Well that’s a surprise.†Sarah put her hands on her hips and waddled into the living room. It was dimly lit with white furniture covered with plastic and a small out of date TV in the corner. Pete and Sally followed her while Collette led Emma, Jacob and Arthur into the kitchen. It was dimly lit like the rest of the house with a small round light brown table and chairs in the middle. The cupboards were cream and the counters were white.

“Is mummy at work?†Collette kneeled down in front of Arthur. He just nodded. He was a slow developer and hadn’t learnt to walk until he was six and could barely talk.

“So you’re here with mean old Sarah, huh?†Collette grinned.

“She named him, Arthur?†Jacob raised a brow.

“Yeah, after Uncle Arthur. He was cool.â€Â

“I’m guessing he passed on?†Emma sat down at the table.

“When I was a kid.†Collette sighed. “Sarah’s ugly face killed him.†She added loud enough for Sarah to hear. She then looked at Arthur. “Do you want to see something cool?â€Â

“Yeah!†He jumped up and down. Collette smiled and extended a hand to the sink. Several cups rose out of it and slowly circled the room. The young boy screamed with glee and watched them dance. Sally had stepped out of the living room to see what all the commotion was about. She smiled and motioned to Pete to take a look. He poked his head around the door and chuckled as Arthur jumped up and down clapping his hands.

“She’s always been good with him.†He whispered.

“What is she doing this time?†Sarah stepped into the hallway and pushed past Sally. “Collette! What are you doing!?†The cups suddenly came crashing down. Sarah stormed over to Collette with her huge hand extended in front of her. Collette knew what was coming. She remembered all the times Sarah had dragged her to her room by her hair. She couldn’t use her ability, she promised not to and she braced herself for the inevitable.

“Don’t you dare!†Sally stepped in front of Collette. “Don’t you dare lay a finger on her sweet head.â€Â

“Sweet!?†Sarah’s jaw dropped. “She’s a menace; do you have any idea what she’s put me through?â€Â

“Yes I do.†Sally narrowed her eyes at her. “And I don’t blame her. She wasn’t being rebellious; it was a cry for help!â€Â

“Pete, do you agree with her?†Sarah turned to him.

“Actually…†He paused for a moment. Sarah grinned thinking he would take her side. “Since she’s been well behaved for us, I’d have to agree with her.†He crossed his arms and smirked. “I believed every word Collette said about you, but I just had to see it for myself.â€Â

“If you hadn’t been traveling around the world for your stupid paper, I never would have taken her in anyway!â€Â

“True…But if you hadn’t, she wouldn’t be as interesting as she is.†He grinned. “C’mon, I’m sick of listening to her whining.†He headed for the door. “Pizza hut anyone?†He looked over his shoulder.

“What about Arthur?†Collette pulled him to her side.

“Sorry, but he has to stay here.†Collette sighed and slowly made her way to the Yaris with Jacob and Emma following.

“It was nice to meet you.†Sally smiled politely. “But we’ll be sure never to visit again.†She followed Pete out to the Yaris.


Wonderful beginning especially the prolougue. great job.


Ms. Malone
Chapter 2

“Time for training!†Sally sang as they stepped out of the Yaris.

“But we just got back.†Collette stretched. “Besides, Sissy’s still around school and that new girl too.â€Â

“Rose.†Jacob yawned. “Her name’s Rose.â€Â

“You would know, you flirt with her.†Collette headed towards the school.

“I don’t flirt with her!â€Â

“Adam’s waiting for you, don’t over do it!†Sally called.

“And try not to damage anything!†Pete called after and watched the trio leave.

“So, what happened with Sheryl?†Emma looked up at Jacob.

“Don’t know.†He shrugged. “But I have a feeling it has something to do with you.†He looked at Collette.

“Don’t look at me!†She growled.

“Well you said something to her!â€Â

“Yeah, I told her the captain of the rugby team liked her, because he asked me to.â€Â

“Since when you do anything for anyone?†He snapped. Collette stopped in her tracks and turned to him.

“Well next time you’re kidnapped by some freak who wants me dead, I let you save yourself shall I?†She whirled around and stormed onto the school grounds.

“You got off easy then.†Emma looked up at him. “I thought she was going to hit you.†She quickly followed the telekinetic. Jacob rubbed the back of his head and sighed before running to catch up. He didn’t know why he bothered going to training; all he did was sit and watch. He caught up to them in the middle of the park where Adam was waiting.

“Quick visit?†He cocked his head to the side.

“Thankfully.†Collette sighed. Emma giggled.

“At least you’re getting a new guitar out of it.â€Â

“Yeah.†Collette laughed and grinned. Adam slowly draped his arms over her shoulders and pulled her into a hug, her back against his chest. He then gently rested his cheek on her head with a smile.

“Well I’m glad you’re back. It was lonely here all by myself.â€Â

“I’m still mad at you.†She crossed her arms.

“Well how can I make it up to you?â€Â

“Stop calling me Princess.†She smirked. He simply chuckled and slowly released her.

“We should get started.†He smiled. “Ready Emma?â€Â


“What exactly can this demon do?†Collette asked as she took her place in the middle of the path.

“We’re not sure, that’s why we’re preparing you for anything.â€Â

“Fair enough.†She sighed. “Ok Em.â€Â

Emma gave a slight nod then closed her eyes. Roots pushed up from the ground and started to wrap themselves around Collette’s legs and slowly moved further up her body circling around her stomach and chest, twirling around her arms and stopping around her neck. Jacob just sat down and watched, he obviously couldn’t see what was going since it was all in Collette’s mind but he had a good idea.

“A little tighter Em…†She winced as the roots tightened. “B-better.†She closed her eyes and concentrated on building up all of her energy and sparks flew around her body. A twig snapped in the distance. Collette’s eyes shot open. “Someone’s here.†Emma released her and opened her eyes. Collette took a few steps forward, walking pasted Jacob and looked around.

“Over there!†Adam pointed as a figure bolted into a run. Collette gave chase. She pursued the figure out of the park and around the back of the school where she managed to catch up and tackle them to the ground.

“Alright! What are you doing spying?†Collette sat up and looked at the girl she had tackled. She had deep red hair and dark brown eyes. She had a few freckles and wore long blue jeans and a baggy white hoody. “…Rose?â€Â

“I didn’t mean to spy…†Rose sat up slowly. “But I saw you go into the park and wondered what you were doing…†She looked down shyly. Collette helped her to her feet and looked around.

“What you saw…was weird I know, but you can’t tell anyone.â€Â

“I won’t.†She shook her head. “But what were you doing?â€Â

“It’s complicated…†Collette scratched the back of her head. “But what were you doing following us?â€Â

“I…†Rose rubbed her arm nervously. “I just wanted someone to hang around with.â€Â

Collette chuckled. “Just ask. I won’t bite your head off, despite what some people might say.†She gently took the shy girl by the arm. “C’mon, I’ll introduce you to everyone.†She led Rose back to the park and tried to explain as, best as she could, what had been going on the past few months.

“Oh, I get it now.†Rose smiled. “That’s why you all hang out together?â€Â

“Pretty much.†Collette nodded and looked to the group. “Guys, you know Rose.â€Â

“She was the one that was spying on us?†Jacob asked. Collette ignored him and introduced Rose to Emma and Adam.

“You take textiles, don’t you?†Adam asked.

“Sure do.†She smiled. Adam turned to Collette.

“I think my Princess would suit a dress.†He smiled.

“How many times do I have to tell you!?†Collette growled. Rose laughed.

“You’re a funny bunch.â€Â

“Wait until school starts again.†Emma smiled. “It’s fun and games from there.â€Â

“Can’t wait.†She smiled again.

“Well, back to training girls.†Adam urged. “Rose you can sit and watch if you want.â€Â

“Sure.†She sat herself down next to Jacob and flashed a smile at him. Collette and Emma took their places and training began again. “Why can’t we see what’s going on?†Rose whispered.

“Because it’s all in Collette’s mind, only she can see it.†Jacob whispered back. Rose gave a small, understanding nod and continued to watch. Sparks discharged from Collette’s body and circled around her. Rose watched in awe as Collette broke free from her prison.

“Too easy, Em.†Collette grinned. “Try something a little harder than roots.â€Â

“Ok.†Emma smiled and they did it again and again and again. They tested every way possible for Collette to use her ability and teach her to do something new; she still hadn’t managed to levitate yet. Evening soon fell upon the group. Collette and Emma fell to their knees, they were exhausted.

“That’ll do for today.†Adam smiled and helped Collette to her feet. Jacob helped Emma up.

“That was so cool!†Rose smiled. “I’m so glad you let me hang around today.â€Â

“It’s ok.†Emma smiled.

“Yeah, it’ll be nice having someone to complain about all this to.†Collette grinned.

“What’s wrong complaining to me, Princess?â€Â

Collette frowned and turned to say something before stopping and sighing. “Forget it.â€Â

“Finally excepted the nickname?†He smiled.

“No, just too tired to yell at you about it.†She laughed.

“Better get going home.†Jacob looked up at the sky. “It’s getting late.â€Â

“Dinner will be ready soon too.†Emma added.

“Toad in the hole for tea, yeah!†Collette grinned and punched the air then looked to Rose. She had a sad look in her eyes. “Actually…I’ll stay here and keep Rose company for a bit longer.â€Â

“You don’t have to, Collette.â€Â

“I don’t mind.†She started to head back to the school. “Save me some food guys.â€Â

“Will do.†Emma smiled. “Have fun.â€Â

“We’ll have a lesson tomorrow, Collette!†Adam called after her. Collette stuck up her thumb without looking back and carried on with Rose.

“She wiggled her way into the group quick.†Jacob crossed his arms.

“You don’t like her?†Emma looked up at him.

“She seems nice enough…but I don’t know…â€Â

“If Collette thinks she’s ok.†Adam placed his hand on Jacob’s shoulder. “Then we should trust her judgment.â€Â


blue 3
This one is pretty good. Not as good as Virus in my opinion; this one seems a little too dialogue heavy. Dialogue is a great tool for character devlopement and discription, but you need some actual text beyound dialogue as well in my opinion.

Its a great start though; I like your writing style; like i said before.


I think dialougue is great for manga. However, this is writing and writers often have to describe more. Although, i think it's fine.