TV Power Rangers

I am new here, and just wanted to know if anyone here has an existing intrest in any Power Rangers series? Or would like to discuss Power Rangers.


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I did when it first came out (I was in Middle School) and I really liked the toys. Thanks to my being a Transfan, I collected almost all the original series zords. The original movie was pretty cool, but the third season of the show shouldn't have retconned it.

Frankly though, I think it's ridiculous that almost every tv season has a new Ranger show. You can't tell me that it sells as well as it use to. I think the money going into the shows should be put elsewhere.
I was always hooked on the original PR, especially when the first movie came out and then I started losing interest as time went on. I kinda liked the Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force series.

Now I've completely lost track of everything.


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Ha ha ha. One of the most racist shows I can remember watching on television. Oh those child hood memories.


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I was seriously interested in the Power Rangers at some point in my life but stopped watching when i was around 7. I used to hum the original theme.
"oh just because I'm black I get the black power ranger suit... you fucking racists"

Even the asian chick had a yellow suit. Man you gotta love racial stereotyping for children.
I remember watching the original version of the Power Rangers. After that I saw it here and then. Wasn't really interested in it anymore.

I think the yellow Power Ranger from the original series died in real life.