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Power of the nations


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Probably one time or another many of you thought of several countries, of nations in the world that in some form or fashion is more powerful or liked than others. Sometimes perhaps where you live might determine what you believe. What countries are more liked than others. I'll say for instance in North America that the US and Canada is more liked than Mexico in economics and military issues. Living in the Chiago are North America aspect. But one that lives in Europe and Asia might have a different point of view. Because statistics and numbers are always true anyway. Donald Trump won and Hillary lost even though Hillary got the popular vote. Now you see what I ean by statistics and numbers.

This post is about in your opinion only which countries around the whole world do you and or others like? What country do you believe has more power: such as military, economics (jobs oppertunities), popularity, and education. What are the countries that stand out? You can name as many as you want. But please let's focus on only the 20th and 21st century.
If you do want to make a brief mention of ancient history that is fine.

I'm going to use these countries for example IMO and the order that I post them doesn't represent that one is more powerful than the other. Besides I can be wrong about these. So we are not talking just about the 1, 2, and 3 countries by themselves. This like an United Nations meeting with countries all over the world to discuss of its power, likeness or influence in the world. You can also name islands and terrotories also.

I will list by numbers
1. India 2. Australia 3.Mexico 4. Afghanistan 5. North and South Ireland 6. Brazil 7. Canada 8. France 9 . Saudi Arabia 10. Malayasia 11. Venezuela 12. Scotland 13. China 14. Cuba 15. England 16. Turkey 17. Guatamala 18. Libya 19. Pakistan 20. Japan 21. Israel 22. Italy 23. Egypt 24. US 25. Russia 26. New Zealand 27. Somoan Islands 28 Germany. 29. Peru 30.Switzerland 31. Iran 32. Costa Rica 33. Zimbamwae 34. Nepal 35. Bangladesh 36. Panama 37. Sweden 38. North and South Korea 39. Kuwait 40. Finland 41. Spain 42. Argentina 43. Norway 44. Poland 45. Chad 46. Palenstine 47 North and South Vietnam 48. Austria 49. Iraq 50. Iceland 51. Greenland 52. France 53. Portugal 54. Czechoslovakia 55. Dominican Republic 56.Taiwan 57. Caribbean Islands 58 Indonesia 59. Haiti 60. Fiji Islands 61. Belgium 62. Greece 63. Hungary

Can you imangine there are 200 countries in the world and I only mentioned 61? As I said this is just an example of countries I listed but you can talk about any country in the world because it's an opinion anyway.
Talk about military forces, jobs, lifestyles, popularity around the world, you can even talk about sports if it fits in your viewpoint. Yes you can share links and stastistic and numbers too.
Is this a small, medium or big world? Whether you walk, bike ride, drive, fly, any of these answers can be true because it's your life and it's the way you see things. There are no wrong opinions here. That's my opinion.
Discuss as many countries as you want. Since my post is long let some answer before I do.
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Interesting and complicated question, Mr Music. I think it's still a small world because most people really have the same values and concerns everywhere: food, shelter, family, and friends. Basic needs are the same all over the world. Cultures are different and I find all of them really interesting; the styles of clothing and homes, games kids play, different jobs... I like to learn about it all. The cultures I feel closest too are the British, Australian, Northern European cultures because that's where my ancestors are from.