Power Naps or Long Sleeps


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Which do you prefer, or which do you think is better. Taking a few shorter naps throughout the day, or taking a long rest during the night?

Myself, I find that I do alot better with a single night of full rest. If I take too many small naps, then I tend to feel more tired.

However, I did read somewhere, that if done properly, taking numerous short power naps throughtout the day can make you feel alot more rested than a single nights sleep.

So what are your thoughts on this? Which type of rest do you partake in?


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Power naps can really give you the recharge you need to complete the rest of your activities for the day. Although I'm sure everyone would love to go into a deep sleep and slumber for the rest of the day, we can't afford to miss work and out on other activities.



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I tend to get more out of power naps than regular sleep. I tend to feel more relaxed and energized when I take a power nap than when I get a few hours of sleep.


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I thoroughly enjoy sleep. Haha, I always have, too. I definitely sleep for a long period at night, and I generally feel rested for the whole day. Sometimes I take cat naps in the afternoon, but when I wake up from them, I tend to feel really groggy, and just want to sleep the rest of the day into the night.

I really cannot express how much I love to sleep though. It's probably my favorite part of the day. :)


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"Power Nap" has always meant a short un-fulfilling nap to me. I would rather sleep once for longer than several times throughout the day.


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The day I start to nap is the day I'll feel old. I never nap. I like to get my sleep at night and that's it. I don't often get a lot of sleep but I refuse to nap. It has to be dark for me to be able to sleep anyway.


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I never ever ever take naps, for some reason I just can't do it. I prefer to go for a long nights rest, if I take power naps, I just feel more tired and feel like crap basically :lol:
I always just have one full (using that term lightly) nights sleep instead of napping during the day. I have done it before though, just not regularly. I have found that sometimes I wake up from a nap feeling more tired than before, but other times I'll wake up and feel much better, regardless of how short the nap was.