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Sally Twit
For those of you not familiar with Potpourri (maybe you have a different word for it depending where you're from) it is mainly dried plants and people put it in their home to make it smell nice.

Do you keep it in your home?

I think it looks nice but I'm not keen on the smell. I prefer to buy Gel Air Freshener. I just stick them in the corner of each room in my flat. You can always smell it when you walk in the room.


aka ginger warlock
I always felt potpourri was a bit of a con in that everyone thinks it smells but maybe because people instantly go to it but only continue to smell it in there minds :)


Registered Member
It's a woman thing innit really. It's same with all these scented candles and pebbles in a bowl you get knocking about the house.

Before it was made into pot pourri was it actually a normal plant?


Registered Member
i like it but i don't keep it in my home.
i like it but i don't keep it at home. i would rather use incense sticks to make my home fragrant than dried herbs.
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