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A food I think everyone probably likes, potatoes! You can have them mashed, fried, boiled, baked, made into potato salad, made into french fries and hash browns. So how do you like your potatoes prepared?
I love homemade mashed potatoes, with lots of salt, and no lumps! But my favorite potato itself, is the sweet potato, also called a yam. I love a sweet potato casserole. And my Mother used to be able to prepare an awesome sweet potato dish for the holidays, using yams, butter and brown sugar. I have tried to copy it, but mine sucked. So, I do not get sweet potatoes much anymore. So what is your favorite way to eat potatoes? :)


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I do like potatoes of all kind. One way I like them most is to cut potato into thin slices with skins (like potato chips but little thicker), fry them until golden and dip in ketchup, melted cheese or Ranch dressing. They are french fries, pommes frites, whatever you call them, yes, but thinner and crisper.


I like potatoes in every way, cooked, fried, with mayonnaise, sauce and anything else. I don't like baked potatoes that much unless they are cooked with chicken, pepper and tomatoes.


Better Call Saul
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I am definitely a huge potato fan. I actually plan on cooking some tonight but haven't decided in which fashion to cook them yet.

I can't think of a way I dislike them prepared.


Give me some potato and leek soup any day.


Sally Twit
Mashed potatoes and roast potatoes are my favourite. Nothing better than a Sunday roast with both of those!


Where is my Queen?
I like to cut them into cubes, toss them in olive oil and grilling spices and roast them.
Mmmmm....yummy! I also like mashed potatoes loaded with pepper, salt, bacon bits, and melted cheese, same with baked potatoes. Grilled potatoes like Jeanie makes them is just so damn good. Hashbrowns, anything that is potato related I will eat it.


yellow 4!
ugh, I love potatoes! I think they have to be my favourite food, or at least top 3, for their diversity. And I can't think of any form of potato that I dislike.

And I like mash to be lumpy.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I like mashed potatoes. My favorite are probably breakfast potatoes though. I love hash browns/home fries. I like to slice up the potatoes and boil them until they're soft, then put ketchup on them.
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