If you don't know what PostSecret is by now, it's high time you were educated.


it's basically an art project... people send postcards in with their secrets and 20/200 of them are posted on sundays.

it's pretty amazing.

this thread is to discuss them. what has been your favorite, how did you discover it if i did not just introduce you, etc..


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I've seen it but I don't think it's worth believing. There's no way to know if any of the cards sent in are made up or not.

After all, it's all anonymous. I think people tend to say more extreme things if they are guaranteed the luxury of being 100% anonymous.


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Haha, I was thinking about making a postsecret thread.

I love postsecret and I look forward to every Sunday when it's updated. I have two of the books as well...

I've never actually sent in a secret, but many of my secrets have reached their site and books. :nod:

During the car ride home after buying one of books I discovered someone had written their own secret and stuck it in the middle of the book. That's something I've been dying to do.


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I love post sceret, one of my friends had all of the books. Last year she went around school and put different ones in different people's lockers, it took us a week to find out who was doing it. She put ones that she thought matched the person. Mine said "I get sick pleasure planning my own funeral" or something like that. Anyways, they are pretty cool


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I love PostSecret. I look forward to it every week.

I know some of them are made up, I have a friend who is a terrific liar and she told me that she sent one in on behalf of her husband's ex-wife. But I still love reading them. Some are so heartbreaking, some are really really sweet, but they're always worth reading.

I hope they post mine when I finally send it in.
I've read all of the Post Secret books, but I've only been to the website a couple of times.
Some of the secrets make me....:shocked:
and others make me......:cry:

My daughter sent one in, I was dying to know what it was, but didn't ask.