Posts per Day.


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Are you surprised by it?

I am for one. I just looked at mine and saw it was 6.39. I thought i would b around the 4 mark. So I got the inspiration to make this thread.:D

Please, No newbies post in this thread, since yours will be like 50 posts at 25 posts per day after Two days.


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Mine is around 10 posts or so and I'm not shocked by it. Sometimes I post a ton in a given day and then I'll get busy so I kinda even out. Another forum I've been on for almost 3 years im averaging about 16 per day


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My posts per day is 4.42. It's a lot higher than that this year, but the first few years I was here I had several long periods of inactivity.


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No I'm not surprised. It will most likely go down as I stay longer because there are more days to spread the average. I'm relatively new compared to other high posters.


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I'm at 8.89, even though I usually put in about 15-20 a day... there was about 3 months straight when I first joined where I didnt post at all


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My posts per day is 11.59 that's really surprising I'd expect it to be in the 7-8 range, 11 seems way too high.


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My posts per day is 4.39. Seems about right to me, how many posts per day depends thread and time I have after doing class work each day.