Post your mug shot here...


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Here is mine,

I hope this works, I am the one holding the child.

Well, I will have to work on it. Sorry, maybe later.


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Ok. I think I figured something out...

Here is an album online that I put together.

First Photo - taken Dec. 17, 2005. It's the view from my front door looking down the road.

Second Photo - that's me. Don't friek out, I don't look that way all the time. It's from Halloween.

Third Photo - I threw that one in there. I figured everyone could use a laugh. That's my little guy a year or so ago.


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hey vega, you latino?

And about smiling, I used not to smile, but now I think I look better smiling and it just feels better :)

EDIT: Madgamer, that last pic was very funny indeed! I gave a hearty chuckle


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The official photo rankings!:

#4: Wrecked... did you just steal that camera from some Chinese kid on the street?

# 8 Vega... 1st) A fan of sprite and 2nd) Looking nice, a great action shot :D

# 12 madgamer... 1st) Winter wonder land : D 2nd) Halloween, Gh.. Gh.. Girl! (ala Simpsons quote) and 3rd) You'd better watch where he points that thing : S


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hmmm.... that's funny.... I see people posting about pictures, but I see no one else actually posting their PICTURE!!!!! :mad:

Where's your edit Blackstorm?

And Raza... yeah, partly Puerto Rican... the other part mixed white stuff.

And that's actually the sprite from the dude in the back. I was sitting on the green chair before. I like Sprite, but moreso Mountain Dew and Pepsi.


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This is my pic,I must hide my identy I am a super hero and well..not relly I start riots and cause the crimes,uhh.really but here is a close enough pic.:nod: I am a superhero:lol:



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Damn, I was anticipating that you looked like this russian dude I used to work with at the campus taco bell in college. Dude spoke slow broken english but he was really nice.