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Post Your Hardest Trivia Question


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Um my guess is egg? because if it evolved from something else it would still have to be born first even if it wasnt from a chicken. The first chicken would be a variation of something else.


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Sorry for my ignorance but what is trivia? =S

Here is my question i found a few days back.. XD

"If 8 grapefuit, 7 oranges & 3 lemons weigh the same as 3 oranges, 6 grapefruit & 6 lemons, if a grapefruit weighs 2/3 as much as a lemon & if a dozen oranges weighs 3 kilos.... How much does a lemon weigh?"
Lemon = 600g


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you should only talk about questions that have 100% no doubt real answers.

Trivia is a type of question that you would see on a game show but by the rules of trivia the answer cannot be a matter of opinion, it must be an answer that is without doubt 100% true, and if you want you can have 4 different answers for your question,try to stay away from math over all else.

here is an example of a BAD question

What is the best color

A.Blue because the sky is that color
B.Yellow Because it sticks out most to the human eye
C.White because it includes all colors
D.Green because it's my favorite

obviously this is not a good question

here is an example of a GOOD question

Which Nintendo came first

A.Nintendo 64
B.Nintendo Gamecube
C.Nintendo Gameboy
D.Nintendo Virtual Boy

The Answer is C the Game Boy

Obviously this is an easy question for any Nintendo player but it is a good example of a trivia question, if you still have questions ask about more stuff.
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I thought i shouldn't have put a maths question.. XD

ohh well... XD

anybody got it right anyway?

here is another question :lol: : A pregnant goldfish is called what?

A twit

I would never have guessed this.. :D


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Tomorrow I'll post another one x)


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Here is a really hard question, I'd be amazed if anybody knew this off the top of their head.

Which country had the worlds first parliament


The answer is C Iceland

If you got that last one right and want to try the next hard question go right ahead

What year did this country get it's parliament?

A.147 A.D.
B.930 A.D.
C.about 200 B.C.
D.4 A.D.

The answer is B. 930 A.D.

Were these hard?


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Got the first one right =)

Second one had no idea.... XD
very hard!! XD

I don't like politics though... =/
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Well they are very hard questions, I wasn't actually expecting anybody to get it right though. You must be good at trivia,

let's wait and see what other people answer on this.


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Q: What sea creature can have an eye measuring 16 inches across, the largest in the animal kingdom?
A: A squid.