POST your funniest pics!


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If you're sensitive, click away, this is a no holds-barred picture thread! Obviously, nothing that breaks the rules is allowed here (that means porn and gore).

Let's start!



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Since you're so bright and intelligent, why don't you point me to it? I've never seen this pic on this website.


rainbow 11!
That pic is everywhere. And do you always have to be a dick?

Find it yourself, there are 21 pages in that thread, if you think I care enough to look through it then you are out of your mind.


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If you're going to respond to me with some smart-ass exclamation and then act all surprised when I throw one back at you, you need to learn a thing or two about human conversation. Not only do you try and prove me wrong without evidence, you then flame me. Please be joking, Himeko, please.

Back to the topic.

I'm assuming you're talking about this thread? Which, if that's the case, you are indeed still wrong. I searched through the entire thread and found this picture nowhere.


Lion Rampant
Sorry to interrupt this orgy of gallantry and mutual respect, but I do have a few pics stashed that some members may find mildly amusing. The first three are some of my Photoshop/icanhascheezburger doodlings; the third seems to have been taken in Northern California's giant redwood country.