Post your favorite Bicep Routine


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So whats your favorite Bicep Routine?

My favorite is 21s with the bench bar.

I do the bar plus 5 lbs (50lbs)

21s are when you do 7 low (only go up to midlevel) 7 high (from midlevel to top) and 7 full (a complete full motion).

I do 4 sets of those. I use to be able to do more weight (about 60lbs) but since changing some routines I cant do that much anymore.


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I just do the curls. What's the 21 thing?
Maybe I didnt explain it clear enough with the first post.

What you do is divide one set of 21 reps into groups of seven.

I take the bench bar you can do it with free weights toos. Grip it like you would hold free weights

Start with your arms slack and raise like your curling freeweights only stop when you form a 90 degree angle and the bar should be a bit above your belly button. You do only half a motion. This is a "low" does your lower biceps do 7 of those continuous.

When your at the peak of the 7th going up stop and then go from middle to yoru chest (completing the curling motion) then drop the bar no lower than belly button (you dont go lower than 90 degree angle)

This is a "high" does your upper bicep. Do 7 highs make sure not to drop it lower than the highest point of your low. Then after you did 7 highs drop the bar till your slack and do 7 "full" curls. These are normal curls.

Altogether they make 21 and thats one set. Try to do at least 3 sets of those.

I hope that helped Alex.

You know you did a good bicep routine if you can barely touch the tops of your shoulders with your fingertips. If you can touch your shoulders easily then you need to do more routines or more weight.