Post Your 3 favorite RPGs!


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Well I can't believe that nobody has made this thread yet so here goes.

What are your 3 favorite PRGs?

here are mine

1. Super Mario RPG
2. Dungeon Siege 1 (with expansion)
3. Dungeon Siege 2 (With expansion)

These are great games, I really wish that I had Super Mario RPG because i have the other 2. I remember how much of a fun game that was.

So let's get some great RPGs in here.

What are your 3 favorite RPGs?


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Ah, Oblivion is a great game but sadly even a video card as good as mine barely touches this games potential, on a site that I was on a couple days ago it said that I would get 11fps on this game I have the ATI 800 XT Pro, it's the best 256mb card that you can get until you get right down to having 2 video cards.

You could have a 1GB video card and almost be making it to the games max fps at least that's what it seems like.


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1: FF7
2: Knights of the Old Republic
3: Chrono Trigger

Mass Effect will probably be on this list after I'm done with it.