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Post Pictures of Your Musical Instruments


Band Nerd ♫
I thought this might be a necessary topic, but if the mods here don't think so they can lock it.

Now obviously, I'm not a professional photographer, and I took everyone of these except for the bassoon ones and the "other" trumpet one a few minutes ago... Literally.

My Bassoon:

Another Picture
Another Picture 2
In it's Case

My Keyboard:

My Trumpets:

The Other Trumpet

My Clarinet:

My Flute (which I have no experience with whatsoever. XD):

Maybe one of these days I'll get pictures of my others... =/


Band Nerd ♫
I play the bassoon and piano (keyboard) only, now.

I played the trumpet for like six years up until nearly a year ago, when I graduated from high school. Then I switched to bassoon for college.

Clarinet, I just gave up on, essentially. I got frustrated with it, and I didn't really enjoy playing it.


rainbow 11!
Didn't enjoy playing it? God, I loved the hell out of my clarinet. I'd give anything to have it back. :[


What happened to it?


Band Nerd ♫
I'm going to assume she sold it.

I would sell my old trumpet, but I didn't pay for it. =\ Same goes for every instrument up there.

I also would sell the Stradivarius in a flash if it didn't have any sentimental value to me.


Sally Twit
My purple ukulele - I love the thing!

Shhh, she's sleeping!

Isn't she cute?
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A Darker Knight
I think posting a picture of my throat would be pretty pointless. :D

I need to find my camera...