Post a Picture You Have Taken


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Pretty self explanatory. Can be anything, as long as its not porn or something.

From my street:



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Here I'll post a couple real quick:

My firend's girlfriend's Bimmer. I had it for a week. Went and took some pictures of it. Here's one from the shoot:

We were in my Friend's old WRX going to South Carolina for fireworks. We were bored:

From a drift event about two years ago at VIR. Random picture from that shoot:

Friend's old 2005 Legacy GT. Wanted to do a shot of the gauges:

I love old Nissans and Datsuns and saw this one day while going down the road. I love how this came out except for the window seal at the bottom corner. It's distracting but this wasn't set up or anything. It was just on the fly cause I happened to have my camera ready:

This is the WRX from the speedo shot above. This was like 4 cars ago. Again I wish I would have done something different but overall I'm happy with how it turned out:



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Puget Sound in Seattle.

My friend being crazy.

Trail zig-zagging down the Grand Canyon.

Bridge over the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Frozen waterfall.

The final 1/2 mile climb up the spine of Angels Landing. 1000+ foot drop on both sides. The trail is no more than a few feet wide in a couple spots.

I love Utah.



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Here's a picture I took of the Seattle skyline. I blueprinted it on Photobucket and it turned out pretty cool.



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Most the pics I take are of people but here are a few I did over the summer.

This one was for a challenge we did on another forum.

This was for fun.

And the next two are of a forest fire that was about 20 miles from our house.

From our roof.

From about 5 miles away