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Possibly the best quote ever?


The return shall be legenday!
“@SportsCenter: Free-agent Seahawks DE Michael Bennett says Seattle won't get hometown discount. "This isn't Costco. This isn't Walmart. This is real life."


New Member
The man's honest. He's a professional athlete and knows his worth. More often than not, a hometown discount ends up niting one side in the ass. I.E. Alfredsson this season. Billionaire managers needs to respect the market, and pay their players what they are worth.


Registered Member
Everything came together for Seattle. Guys still on rookie deals and whatnot. Next 2 off seasons gonna be interesting. That all being said, Golden Tate did come out and say he's willing to take less


I thought it was a pretty funny quote and I don't blame him. It'd be nice if everyone would take a little less and try to win multiple championships, but you gotta get paid while you can.