Possible Returning Superstars


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The following highlights are derived from Jim Ross' latest blog entry from jrsbarbq.com:

On The Big Show: "I have heard nothing of Paul Wight returning to the WWE. Paul wrestled with Hulk in Memphis recently on an indy show that did o.k., but I think Paul has his sights set on other non wrestling projects (movies?) at this point in time. I have heard the big guy has lost significant weight, which will do nothing but help his general health. I have always liked my apple butter eating friend, Paul Wight. And no, he doesn’t have the “Andre Disease,” but did at one time, but was cured."

On Goldberg's Return: "Let’s not hold our breath on Goldberg returning to the WWE. Bill’s tenure in the WWE, according to Bill’s own words, wasn’t overly positive. I think Bill has moved on from wrestling and if he ever makes a return somewhere to the ring I would suggest it will be a cameo at best."

On JBL Returning To The Ring: "I have heard rumors of JBL wanting to return to the ring and he and I have even discussed it. I think JBL’s heart is there, but I am not so sure about his injured back being willing. John has done a tremendous job going from wrestler to commentator and I would suggest to him, I did actually, to not return to the ring unless he was 100% healthy. At this time I would surmise that the chances of JBL returning to the ring would be less than 50/50, but that could change if his back could be treated. That’s too bad too, as JBL has plenty of fuel left in his tank and he loves to compete."