Xbox 360 Possible physics for Xbox 360 and next gen systems


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It would be cool to see the xbox 360 do something like this but it might be a strech. But it is a possiblity for the ps3 and a must for PCs.


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I love physics engines. Has anyone ever downloaded the program NovodexRocket? Its a fun physics simulator, not like this though.


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I couldn't tell with the first few waves whether it was real or generated. That was real impressive. Just set something up like that on my computer and I would be watching it all day.

I find it interesting where they decided to put the flames on that poor dude's body :lol:


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Goodness gracious GREAT BALLS of fire!!!


*breaks out into song and dance*

(and yes I have seen the clip. I'm not just guessing. frankly I was disappointed that it cut off just when the whale looked like it was going to snag the helicopter ski with it's teeth and drag it down crashing into the water. or at least, that's what I would guess was going to happen)