Possible Busts that were successful in college football


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As we all know there are players that perform very well in college football (superstars so to speak) that get drafted very early and have mediocre season after mediocre season until they get labeled as a bust.

Now usually players that get drafted in the first round about 50% transition into the NFL and perform as well (or better) in the NFL. The other half have either par performances, or simply have terrible seasons and can't seem to get on the right track.

Now I dont want you to list players like Ryan Leaf or Tim Couch that are notable busts over the past decade. But I want you to list POSSIBLE BUSTS that are either 1 or 2 years into their professional career (or about to begin it this 2008 season) OR college players that you know will be drafted high in the next 2009 NFL draft that you do not think can perform in the pros.

I am going to list only a couple and once the thread gets rolling I will list more.

Reggie Bush - This player is a future bust IMO. He was a phenomenal RB in college and in his second year struggled more often then not to find yards. He is overhyped since he came into the NFL and I think this year will be the judgement year for him...

Ted Ginn Jr. - It was beyond me how this player was taken so high in the 2007 NFL draft. Perhaps though being selected by the Miami Dolphins sealed Ginn's fate. He has talent I watched him play at Ohio State. He was an X factor in games. But I think the unbearable weight of the Miami Dolphins inability to score TDs since the first departure of Ricky Williams will ruin this young man's career. It's hard to say if that franchise can get on track but they are reminiscent of the "Bungals" of the 90s.


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Ted Ginn Jr had a decent rookie season on one of the worst teams in the NFL. He'll keep improving. You have to remember he came to Ohio State as a corner and was moved to receiver. He's still learning the position.

Reggie Bush, I just don't think the Saints are using him the right way.

My pick is Matt Ryan, QB drafted by Atlanta this year from Boston College. I've just never been impressed with him.


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I think Reggie Bush will finally figure out the NFL and he's going to be a great running back in this league. I also agree with Echoes assessment when he says the Saints aren't using him properly. I totally agree with that.

Ted Ginn Jr could very well be the next Devin Hester in my opinion. He can change a game by a kick return no doubt about it. Also he's slowly developing into a better wide out. Give him a couple of years and he'll be there best wide receiver.

I still have to think about someone that has only been playing for less then two years, so I'll get back to this topic.

Even though this guy is entering his fourth year, I believe Alex Smith is a major bust.


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Reggie needs to be used in stretch, delay's and coming out of the backfield more. He's not very effective running between the tackles.

As for Teddy; his return game alone puts him in a category other than "bust".

As far as I"m concerned, him and cribbs are the best Kick off return men in the league (Hester being the best for punt returns) because he has insane speed and can maintain that 80 yds+...

Hester was almost ran down during the opening kick off of the superbowl: Ginn... usually just floats past people. Not to mention he's a far better receiver (last I checked #1 on their roster)