Posi music for a downer mood

What bands or albums do you put on when you are in a downer mood..that is rather, what music makes you feel better when your in that mood?


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usually some system of a down gets me cheered up or some coldplay

i know- they are two totally different styles but thats what i like

what about you, crosstopher? what you do like to listen to when u are in a downer?
Ususally some sxe hardcore - stuff like converge, gorilla biscuits. Depends on the type of bad mood I'm in. Sometimes I go into an odd pop music mood.


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Something I can sing along to in an old lady style - some cheesy 80s stuff. Abba is great for this. The more out of tune the better.


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sxe? Straight Edger music? Sounds like shit music to me.

But when I'm in a downer mood, I like to pop on some Slayer, Megadeth, or more recently some Sublime.


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When I get angry, I usually listen to music that makes it worse because you get so pumped up and get an adrenaline rush.

One song I know that would calm me down though is 'Kissed by a Rose' by Seal
ugh...megadeath? haha...my boss at work gives me lectures on how great megadeath is for up to two hours at a time. Ever since I started that job I can't stand to be around megadeath, iron maiden, etc. Anything of that type is no longer any good in my eyes.
sxe music is an acquired taste though, took me a lot of exposure to really get into it
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