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Portable Memory


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Does anyone still carry around a flash drive or SD card anymore?
If you do, what do you carry? How much space? What do you store?

I carry around a 32gb microSD in my Galaxy S3. I store a lot of music on it. I also use it as a portable hard drive where I keep some documents and pictures for quick access. Sometimes I'll carry my 16gb flash stick if I have a purpose for my data (like getting specific pictures printed or documents made).


New Member
The only time I carried stuff like this was when I was in school, but it didn't last long. As soon as I left I don't have the need too. The only time I will have something like this is if im getting a mate to copy some files over for me and I will use a external hard drive for that.


Well-Known Member
I used to carry around an SD card everywhere, no more.

These days I'll carry around a flash drive. I've got a 16GB USB 2.0 SanDisk Cruzer. It looks like this.

I honestly wish it was a little smaller. Occasionally I'll dump it and it will bend, one of these days I'm going to break it off by accident.

It's a good flash drive, never had any issues with it. Before this one I was running a 2GB PNY drive.


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Yeah, that does look like it's about half the length. I'm definitely going to consider something similar to that when I get a new one (probably when this one that I have actually breaks).

While I'm getting a new flash drive I'd like to upgrade to USB 3.0. I have connectivity for it and I hear the write speeds are incredible. (that is of course assuming that thunderbolt doesn't take over)

The smallest one I found was an 8GB that looks like this.

PNY has got this micro thing going and I swear I've seen drives from them even smaller than that (they look like those wireless receivers for portable mice)