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Pornography Vs. Prostitution


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Since pornography is legal in most every state in America and prostitution is illegal in almost every state, it seems obvious that the law sees a difference and approves of one and not the other.

Should custom pornographic movies cut through the red tape of prostitution laws?

Not saying I approve of the idea or anything of that nature, just wondering what other people thought of the subject.


Creeping On You
The main reason that prostitution is illegal, is because it can be very dangerous for the gals on the street. It's also money that the government doesn't get a piece of. Pornography is a multimillion dollar industry, it's way more safe for the actors, and the goverment gets money from the sales taxes etc. I don't see any difference as far as morality goes, both of them require you to sell you body. Its mainly the hazardnous of prostitution that makes it illegal.


aka ginger warlock
I am not sure how I feel about prostitution, you can look at it from two stands;

A - "they are making good money for very little work, whats the harm?"
B - "they do not really want to do this but are possibly forced into it or hooked on some kind of drug"

I personally think if it is done in a safe environment with people looking out for the customers and the people who work there with the proper precautions I really see no harm. I think if we just can get over the fact that people enjoy sex and will pay to have it instead of seeing it as a social disease the better things will be for people concerned as it won't need to be done down shady alleys etc, or maybe that it just a very simplistic idea.


Problematic Shitlord
Pornography doesn't bother me in the slightest. If it involves consenting adults of legal age, what's the problem?

Prostitution is one of those really difficult ideas to work with. There will always be prostitution, some would argue it's the oldest profession next to shaming. When it's illegal, it's run by pimps and gangs which is no good for the girls involved and not so great for customers. Some countries have legalized and regulated prostitution which includes health care for the women and requires them to be healthy and regularly checked which to me seems fine.

Believe what you want morally but as long as it's between consenting adults then no one should have a say in what they do.


Registered Member
Girls don't have to walk the streets. They can pimp themselves from a website, FB, their phone, or business cards. In the end though, the only one they are hurting is themself and possibly their future marriage. Once sex is objectified to the point that it is a commodity it's really hard to reverse it back to intimacy driven by love. It's their choice though. This is an instance where a woman should be able to decide about her own body and "law" should not stand in her way. Porn is so crude....it has become a turnoff. Love scenes in movies though can be a turn-on. I guess it all depends on how it's depicted.


Registered Member
As a person that is pro-pornography and pro-prostitution, I can see a big difference between the two. As it's previously been mentioned, the government has cornered prostitution and made it virtually made it into a monster. It's taken these girls out of brothels and onto the street. There, they put themselves in massive amounts of danger just to make some extra cash, and they're forced to use pimps and other untrustworthy characters in order to gain more business.. It's no longer an acceptable profession, but something you see walking the streets that you can no longer send your child down to go grab a gallon of milk.

Personally, I think brothels are a good thing. I have been to countries in which prostitution is legal and most prostitutes are off of the street and in designated areas. Customers can come in and feel safe in a clean, regulated, disease-free environment. Of course, there will always be some walkers in the ghettos and such, but at least there is a much better option for both girls and their clients. This monster that has been created in the US only forces people to go into ghettos if they want this service. Prostitution will never die out. This target of morality that lawmakers have put on these basic services is unwarranted in my opinion. Brothels need to be brought back in every other state, drop the target in Nevada, and take these girls off of the street. Customers would be much happier, disease would be non-existent, and the government would get it's cut.

Now, to answer the original question, I don't feel that pornography has cut through anything. It is no exception because the actions taking place do not qualify as prostitution. Porn girls are paid employees, or more like contractors actually. They are not paid by the guy in the scene for his own pleasure, but more so to contribute to a product. Prostitution is a person offering sexual intercourse or foreplay in exchange for money for intended pleasure. I feel that intention plays a huge part in these anti-prostitution laws, so therefore pornography and prostitution are two very different things-- the only thing they have in common is sex for money. Who pays for what and their intention is what matters when distinguishing between the two.


Registered Member
Porn is acting when it is done professionally. Not a service one party is paying the other for as prostitution. As for the 'home movie' aspect, I do not think that cuts red tape either. Presumably, they are consenting adults and are choosing to make a film together to either watch for their own amusment or share with others. No different than a home movie of say Christmas dinner. It is a personal choice to film yourself, and a personal choice to share yourself with others. Granted, sometimes there are the 'ex' videos or pictures that are not intended to be shared. In cases such as this, it is between the couple that created the product and is always a case by case basis. To avoid this issue, as much of a turn off as it may be to some, ensure you have permission from each individual on the film to make it (such as I, insert name, aprove the making of this film). Someone, or a couple, or however many people there are should be able to share themselves with whomever they choose.


In my new view I believe we should legalize prostitution. Give them a safe building to do it in (i.e. as they do in Nevada in the "ranch"), healthcare, and either weekly or monthly STD tests.

AP recently released a video about four prostitutes getting killed and searching for the killer. It's an extremely dangerous profession. It can't be stopped like some members have already mentioned. Might as well give the girls and guys a safe area to do it in so at least their safety is protected.

As many of you know, I have a crystal ball. It works..., and I can see in the future. It tells me when the Japaneses finally release the first ever robotic sex doll that prostitution will take a DEEP decline. They will still have customers, but probably not 1/10th they were getting before these magical robots are released. When it does happen, the prostitutes will be getting screwed.... out of business.

In conclusion: legalize it; wait for magical sex robots to be on the market.
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