Movies Popular Movies That You DON'T Like


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This is inspired by Ysabel's thread "Favourite Unpopular Movies" except I'm inverting the concept. What are those movies that everyone else seems to really like that you just don't like at all. I think for me, the biggest one would be the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. I can appreciate that it had a lot of great stuff in it but for me it was too long winded, repetitive and dry.
Which popular movies failed to wow you?


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Apocolypse Now.
They chop up a live bull at the end and I REALLY don't think it's a pretend bull. :cry:
It's not. That was part of a ritual that the natives allowed Coppola to film, then they presented him and his wife with the heart.

The Matrix series
The English Patient
Harry Potter


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Napoleon Dynamite. Most idiotic movie I've ever seen in my life. I would have rather spent those precious minutes cutting holes in my eyelids. God that would have been so much more fun.