Football Popmalt Fantasy Football 2018

I am pretty happy with how this year went. My highest scoring game of the season comes in the finals. And my keepers combined for 109 points over these final two weeks. So far I have won 2 of my 3 finals matchups. Fingers crossed Lindsay has a mediocre game tonight and I get the sweep. Haha.


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Haha I was gonna ask Kons the same still hate your team?

I got 3rd and 2nd in my two leagues. Still pissed my team here didn't win...look at what I did last week. Where the fuck was that the week before haha
This may come as a shock, but I do not hate my team at this current time. Haha.

I swept my three finals. Making in 3 in a row in both of my leagues and a return to glory in this one.

I expect to go back to being a pretty average team next year. Haha.