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Pope's Canada Visit


Creeping On You
Holy crap was it an obvious publicity stunt. jesus. Then that whole "apology" to the residential school victims. So fake, and nobody was named. Name the damn people who ran the schools, worked at em, etc. The people who helped take the kids from their families, NAME THEM! So that they can be prosecuted, jesus. Thats what the indigenous people want. Justice. Not some fake ass apology from the pope, a pope that had nothing to do with it as well. There's individuals alive today who had to endure the abuse in those schools, the schools didn't stop till the 80's, and they had to hear a fake pope apology. Winnipeg has a crime problem that is directly related and a result of residential schooling. The drug problem too has a lot to do with the damage these schools did to our local population. Its sad, and a fake ass scripted apology doesn't fix things. THEY EVEN GAVE HIM A HEADDRESS!!! The indigenous involved with the reception might not have understood the horrible thing that was. the headdress in native culture is super important, and you have to earn it. wearing a headdress on halloween as a costume is super forbidden here, its basically a slur and an insult. For them to be like 'yah your religion caused generations of suffering in our country but here, lets give you the biggest sign of respect in our culture'... There's an uproar in the indigenous community. My life would be vastly different if it werent for residential schools and the racism they instilled. my grandmother was half Metis from her mom, and she had a hell of a time trying to raise my dad at 16. Everyone will help a white teen mom, but a visibly indigenous teen mom? The stories she has told me...its all so terrible.

So fuck the pope and his fake ass visit. Reparations are what are needed, not apologies.