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Pope Francis Urges Young People Not To Waste Time on Internet


Registered Member
So yeah, as the tilte says our Pope said that young people should not waste a lot of their time online but instead spent it on more qualitative activites.

What are your thoughts guys on Pope Francis' suggestion?

Personally, I completely agree with the Pope, because I believe that he ment that youngsters and adults of course, should use Internet in order to learn things, expand their knoweldge, learn some foreign language, buy cheap products, read the news but they should not allow Internet to control them, instead they should be able to control the addiction of the Net. At least, that's how I take Pope's words. :)

Pope Francis Urges Young People Not To Waste Time on Internet - NBC News


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think the Pope is right. The internet, smartphones, TV is great but if that is all you do you have a problem. You can spend too much time doing most anything and in the meantime life will pass you by.

None of these things are bad but you have to have balance and not forget about family, friends and other things that matter.


Embrace the Suck
I'm a little bit older so I remember actually researching and going to the library and using a card catalog to find reference books on a subject. Now we have what seems like unlimited information on the palms of our hands and we waste it on Angry Birds and porn. It's one of the factors of our income disparity. Some use the internet to better themselves, most use it frivolously. Don't get me wrong, I use it for entertainment also, but I use it more for information than anything else. I agree with Pope Francis, people need to get away from it.