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Question Popcorn: Sweet or Salted?

How do you like your popcorn?

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Sally Twit
If you like popcorn, how do you have it? Sweet or salted is the most common but I know there is toffee flavour and I recently saw chocolate covered in shops which almost made me puke. I assume in America there are heaps of other flavours I don't know about.

I like plain old sweet popcorn. I love it fresh at the Cinema rather than already packed in the shop. It always tastes best when it's all warm but that doesn't last long. I've tried salted popcorn before and it was disgusting. I honestly don't know how people can eat it.


I don't like popcorn at all. Sweet popcorn is gross to me, and salted popcorn is basically just butter and salt. Popcorn itself is flavourless and basically tastes like cardboard. So when you eat it at the cinema your basically just eating butter and salt.

I don't really eat at all when I go to movies though. I usually eat before and after the film, go out for dinner or lunch etc, but not actually during the film. I find once the movie actually starts I get so engrossed in what's happening that I forget about things like food. I also don't like to make sound in a cinema.


aka ginger warlock
For me it has to be sweet. I love the cinema style popcorn you can get it in the supermarkets, it just tastes so much better, there is also that moment when you find the holy grail of popcorn - the piece that is covered in sugar and you know it is rotting your teeth but damn! Thats some good eating!

I have tried butter flavour popcorn before but I really wasn't a fan of it, I can't say why it just doesn't sit well with me, same with salt and toffee, it is "minging" to borrow a phrase from the youth of today.

Oh I wanted to add another thing, this weekend I witnessed Imp, Roo and one of their friends eating nachos and nacho cheese at the odeon - that CANNOT be healthy, it had a skin on it an everythin!
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Registered Member
Salted, buttery popcorn.. the kind you get at the movies. It's the best kind.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I like salted buttery popcorn when I do eat it which isn't very often. I love chocolate but on popcorn I think it would be gross. Carmel popcorn is alright but I don't care much for cheese.


yellow 4!
Other = none. Don't like popcorn. Tastes like cardboard to me, as Crouton said. But with an added hint of staleness that I can taste/sense in my nasal passageway. I can't think of a better way to describe it, sorry. :shifteyes:

Then again, it doesn't taste particularly bad and I definitely could eat sweet or toffee popcorn if I had to, just not much of it. In fact, the hard toffee kind is okay, but I think I've only ever eaten it once before. Not something I would choose.


Son of Liberty
Salted with butter, just like you get at the movies. I can't watch a movie at the theater without a big tub of buttered and salted popcorn.


Registered Member
Where I'm from, it's salt all the way. It's what I've known all my life. When I moved to Belgium and discovered that about half the popcorn at the movies is sugar flavored, I thought: "It's a madhouse!" I've always thought of sugar flavored popcorn as gross. In fact, the one time I mistakenly put sugar on my homemade popcorn instead of salt, I just threw it all away. Salt and butter will always be my first choice.

This is obviously a culture thing.


Registered Member
On the rare occasions that I have popcorn, it's got to be salted all the way. Sweet just doesn't seem to go very well with it in my mind. But, generally, I'm like Cru on this. Popcorn normally isn't my thing because of its cardboard-like texture.