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Popcorn in dispute


Registered Member
Yesterday my husband and I were watching the Twins versus the Marlins...

It's the bottom of the 9th, the Marlins are losing, so the cameraman pans up in the nearly empty stadium and there sits a fan with a garbage bag full of popcorn. He's sharing it with anyone around him who wants some, when seconds later Event Security comes over to him and asks him to leave.
Leave? It's the bottom of the 9th... his home team is losing and he's asked to leave because he brought popcorn... in a garbage bag? How did he get it into the stadium? Snuck it under his arm like Seaman Hornsby in "Operation: Petticoat"?
I realize the concessionaires need to make their money, but he got it through the turnstyle without someone stopping him... so why at the 11th hour, when the team is sucking the proverbial bag do they oust him?

Please... if he got it in there, sat the entire game eating/sharing it... and now suddenly they ask him to leave... what is the sense in that?
As my husband said, "Why not just charge him the admission price for the seat that his bag took up?"


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Staff member
I agree. I always hated the "no outside food" rules that many places have. I say if you can get it in without causing problems then who cares?

As for this case, it's not like the stadium lost any money by him bringing that popcorn. If anything they sold one extra ticket.

Sure a few people may not have bought popcorn but who cares. That's stupid if you ask me. He should have been allowed to stay.

I guess they don't want everybody bringing huge bags of popcorn next game though. It's most likely just a matter of precedent. :(


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I know that is a dumb rule. But when i go to like a movie theater i sneak candy into the theater because i dont want to pay two bucks for a candy bar. That is just outragous!