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Poorly 1 year old


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I have a 1 year old with a temperature of 38.4 celcius. She has no diarrhea or vomiting however she did cry a lot in pain earlier which has now gone with nurofen but the temperature is still there.
She is also very sleepy and very clingy- which is unusual because she is an independent girl. I am giving her plenty to drink also letting her sleep it off. She could be teething because she is getting the bigger teeth through but I am unexperienced in this because teething has never bothered her before. She also had her pnemoccocal booster and first mmr the other day as well, however the nurse said it would take 7-10 days for a low grade fever and rash to appear so I don't think it could be that. Any ideas anyone????


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It could be just the teething, then. That can give a baby a harmless fever of right around your daughter's recorded 38.4 (or 101 F) and can make her abnormally fussy. I remember that some of my kids went through the same thing and the pediatrician's line was not to worry if the temperature got no higher than that. Is she showing signs of cutting her front teeth; swelling on the gum, drooling, and chewing on stuff?
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ditto what Tucker said. If she has no other symptoms and the fever doesn't go any higher, just keep giving her the nurofen (ibuprofen?) and hold her if she's clingy. If it does go any higher, call your pediatrician.

I'm assuming you made it through the measles scare ok, then?


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Yeah nothing came of the measles in the end.
She never has had a problem with teething before (it never bothered her) but she is starting to cut through her bigger teeth now so that may be it. No drooling but when I tried to give her a drink from her cup she chewed on it. She is refusing food and fluids at the moment but I managed to get a decent amount of chicken soup down her. With this being my first child and considering she has never been ill before I have no experience in this. I suppose all I can do is observe and give her plenty of TLC xx