Poor Miz =(

MiamiHerald.com has posted an interview they recently conducted with WWE [COLOR=#990000 ! important][COLOR=#990000 ! important]superstar[/COLOR][/COLOR] The Miz. On the topic of his debut with WWE and the first impression he received from other [COLOR=#990000 ! important][COLOR=#990000 ! important]wrestlers[/COLOR][/COLOR], The Miz said the following: "WWE fans and the WWE locker room like people with wrestling backgrounds and people who they know. They don't like outsiders coming in. Me with a reality background, I just literally got no respect from anybody. A football player who is 6-5, 270 pounds; an MMA fighter; a 7-0 giant who can barely walk; they all get respect, but a reality person coming into WWE, `Oh boy,' everyone is going to hate this guy.'

I ignore it. You've got to have thick skin in this business. You have to understand not everyone is going to like you, and that's fine because I have enough confidence in myself that I don't need people having to cheer me or like me. Fact is I'm going to do my best. All I want people to do is to watch what I'm going to do next. I want people to understand that I am the most entertaining and charismatic person on that brand."
Source: The Miz Speaks on Being Disrespected by WWE Wrestlers - Wrestlezone.com

After reading that it makes me respect and like him more. Being a reality TV star from The Real World to Tough Enough and entering a place like WWE. Ouch, that outta be tough.

The thing I don't get is this whole respect crap. If I was in the WWE - or any company for that matter - a long time and a new person comes in I'll treat him with respect, be kind and would not use this "you gotta earn respect here, kid" bullcrap. I just don't get it. :\


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I dont feel sorry for Mike Mizanin at all. You have to earn your stripes and work hard to get to the top. Some people probably went too far with it (JBL, cough) and that sucks but he knew this was going to happen.

I hated Miz when he first debuted...not just because of his reality star background but because he sucked...plain and simple. Terrible wrestler and so god damn annoying on the mic.

He's completely changed his career around...he's now one of my favorites. Hard work has paid off for him.


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No one should fill sorry for him, it's a business and people don't like it when others get a free ride when they have to work so hard to earn there spot. I've never been a fan of The Miz and I doubt I'll ever be. He's much improved but he doesn't do anything for me when it comes to wrestling.
See, that's the thing, I don't care if I'm the one who worked hard and some other guy comes waltzes in who didn't work as hard as me. I'm still going to show respect, be nice and even welcome him to the place warming. To me, it's being jealous and a jerk if you treat the other person like dirt.