Poor Elijah Burke

In follow up to a story we had posted here previously regarding Elijah Burke being hit by a car, his official site was apparently hacked and the statement regarding the accident was false. This is apparently the reason the site was down earlier (and still is) as they perform maintenance to try and prevent it from happening again.

The "accident blog" the hacker posted was not the only hoax they pulled off as there were also racial epithets against Burke as well. We are sorry for the confusion, but are glad to hear that it wasn't true for Burke's sake.
Poor guy. Somebody hacked his site, said he got in an accident and then added racial slurs.

I'm glad it's not true. Whew, now to find this idiot and give him a chokeslam. :D


Sultan of Swat
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I don't understand that either, I expected him to be drafted to Raw or Smackdown during the Draft, but he stayed with ECW which is a stupid mistake on their part in my opinion. They better do something with him soon, because he'd be a waisted talent.