Poor Charlie Haas


Monday Night Rollins
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-- Charlie Haas' appearance as Vince McMahon's special guest on Raw on Monday was said to be a rib, reports PROWRESTLING.NET - Backstage WWE News, TNA News, All Pro Wrestling News. The idea was pitched by the creative staff as a joke. In the past, McMahon has stated to members of the creative team that "he'd rather watch paint dry" than watch Charlie Haas. McMahon got a kick out of the joke and approved of the two appearing together on camera. One WWE source compared this situation to the sort of vindictive booking that often took place in WCW. "This is really scary and it's getting like WCW," the source said. This wouldn't be the first joke played on Haas by people in WWE. A few years ago, some people in management coined the term "Haas Pop." They would use the term in reference to wrestlers getting no crowd reaction.
Very interesting to read that...wonder how much of that is true. I dont get why management hates Haas so much...I think he's pretty good in the ring. I guess with Heat cancelled they needed something for him to do and that was all they could come up with.


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I hope it's just a rumor. As Millz knows, I'm a huge fan of Haas. I think he's got IC Title potential!


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I'm surprised he hasn't quitted yet, ever since he got suspended for failing the Wellness program he's been a real joke. I always thought he was a talented wrestler, he wasn't that good on the microphone, but when he teamed up with Benjamin they made a good tag team.

Hopefully this is just a rumour and not actually true.


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God. I really know I haven't watched WWF/WWE in ages now, because when I remember Haas, he sucked. I know alot of the wrestlers that once sucked became title holders, no disrespect but Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, John Cena (when he first came in he was a joke), The Rock even went on to be a champion. I'm thinking, how can these people all be so good now? :rolleyes:
Vince is such a jerk if that's true. Haas is talented when he's with a good tag partner. Maybe they can team him up with somebody and create a tag team. Need more of those since there are tons of WWE wrestlers as it is.

Some wrestlers are made for singles while others are made for tag teams. Haas is a tag teamer.