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Polymer Clay Creations...


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My newest hobby... no not brass this time lol... I am trying out Polymer clays... It's all Angelspeaks fault too! LOL Actually Im thanking her in a way and cursing it in a way hehehehehe Here's a webcam shot of my two from today... The colors that are in the box are the colors of the dragonflies... the first two are the wing color and body color of the little one, and the other two are the wing and body color of the big guy :) They are both 'lifesize' and have a sparkley iridescent glaze on the wings.



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They are good! :)


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Hey great job Iggy. they look good.


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Those are cute Iggy.......great job!!!! I'm always happy to help someone along in their addiction! :lol:


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iggyshotthebear said:
Very simple little things make me happy LOL
That won't last long......keep it up, you'll see waht I mean! :)


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. Iggy those look real good. Nice work.. Keep it up..Well since you showed off your creations,I will show you mine. Here is my little girl "Harm”.
Her full name is "Harmony Blaze" Harm for short... I have been working on her for sometime.
She sits on your shoulder and looks around at peolpe..Yes you heard it right she looks at people.
She is a single wire Puppet. You work her by twisting the guide wire..
I'm not finished with her. Still have to finish the claws, Fangs, and better wings too.
I haven't decided if I’m going to make the wings move by a second controller.
Or if I’m going to paint the eyes or not. I thought you would like to see what I have been up to...I will post more pics when I’m finished.


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Nice work Night!!! I wish we could see her in action.