Polygamy: What is your view on it?


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I personally think it is disturbing and I do not agree with their religious beliefs. What is you opinion on it?
I don't really mind. I have my own believes that a man and wife would ONLY be with each other. Though, I know other people have other believes and I don't find it disgusting or disturbing.
If you simply meant beliefs, then you why add the 'religious?'

Do you object to the idea that they think they should be able to love and live with more than one person?
Your opinion being that they disturb you. Yet they don't disturb you for their idea of marrying multiple people.

You hate polygamists but not polygamy apparently.
Is it simply a matter of wording? That they call it marriage?

Do you also object to "the gays" marrying each other?
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I am saying the whole idea of marring more woman at the same time is just not right for me.
Yes, the wording is a problem.
I do not have a problem with gays.
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