PC Games Poll <kinda || What is your operating system (os)

This is a voteing kinda thing. Im new and just want to post something fun.

Here are your choices...

Microsoft, Must tell witch one

Apple, ' '

Linux, ' '

Unix, ' ''


rainbow 11!
I have Vista.

It's pretty cool. I like how the explorer thing is black. And it looks great with that green wallpaper Kyo made. lol


Staff member
XP Pro to the 4th power. (I have it on 4 computers) :D

I'm really starting to get sick of the small glitches though. Vista is looking more and more appealing to me lately.

I hope to get in very soon.

Himeko what explorer thing?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I use XP Pro and am fighting off the upgrade to Vista. I've thought about dual-booting with a Linux distro, but I'm too lazy for that.