[POLL] Do you like Treacle and/or Syrup


"There can be only one!"
I used to love either one on a sandwhich when I was a kid, but it's would be such a mess making the sandwhich. They are quite nice in baking too.

Do you like them?

Woops... I forgot to add the Poll. :rolleyes:
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I absolutly LOVE syrup!! its great, i have it on in sandwiches and on toast, its amazing. Oh yeah... and syrup sponge pudding.

As for the treacle....I think that is disgusting! I really dont like the taste of it.


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i have no idea as to what treacle is! I've never ever heard of it before until now. I'm going to choose syrup, but I've never heard of it on sandwiches either!


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I love both of them, But Treacle is my favorite. Love cooking with it too !