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Poll: America A Solidly Progressive Nation


Son of Liberty
Thanks for clearing that up.

Well, either the poll is true and 46% of the Mississippi Republicans are indeed racist scum, or the poll is wrong and they are not. Do you have any support for the claim this poll is not accurate, which is well possible, after all?

Even if it's true, it doesn't mean that "Republicans are bumbling". It just means 46% of the Mississippi Republicans are racists.
I wouldn't go that far. I wouldn't immediately label those who oppose interracial marriage racists. Most probably are, but I wouldn't go further than to call them close-minded.

Polls like this, even if the numbers are exaggerated, are showing that anti-black racism still exists in America. In some regions apparently even among a pretty large number of people.
Of course it still exists, racism will always exist, but I think you're missing the point here. She isn't blaming blacks for whites not wanting to marry them like blaming the Jews for the holocaust. Her claim is some black people are opposed to interracial marriage as well. Some of them believe blacks should only marry blacks. So that number creates a false percentage of anti-black racism.

Considering that, I find it worrying to say the least, that the immediate knee-jerk reaction of many seems to be to deny that, and immediately pointing to blacks who complain about this racism, calling them "racist" in return. This behavior seems to be common sense among many on the right in America these days: Racism against blacks is not allowed to be mentioned, because that would be "playing the race card". And blacks who have the nerve complaining must be "black racists".
Not at all, playing the race card is "I oppose Obama's policies" "Then you're a racist"....that's playing the race card. Offering the viewpoint that the number is skewed is not playing the race card.

Yes, you got that right: There is no white racism against blacks whatsoever, that's just a liberal lie. The only racism that still exists is that of blacks against whites. Or the self-hatred of white liberals "playing the race card".
Yeah, I don't know a single person who is claiming this.

When most Germans start pointing to the Jews, claiming "they must have done something to provoke the Nazis, else they wouldn't have attacked them", I'll let you know. Unfortunately, we have some of them here. But I'm glad they are not very dominant yet, as far as I can tell.
That's not comparable. Her idea put forth was that this number doesn't translate to anti-black racism because some blacks feel the same way some whites do about interracial marriage. The Holocaust was a completely different situation. I doubt many Jews agreed with the Germans that Jews should be killed.
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Sim....the point about me thinking which of that percentage was black is to illustrate that some blacks do have similar views. It was a great leap for you to suggest I used it as a justification to bring on themselves more racism. It's their desire and it's a good chance the poll could have reflected that. It was a sincere curiosity. You know...many races marry within their own race for good reason.....their OWN good reason. It's not for you to decide.