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    The above image was condemned by both the Obama and McCain camps, as well as many journalists and bloggers. Why? They all happen to be insane. Everyone gets that the cover is satire, but nobody thinks anybody else will pick up on that. :shake: Stephen Colbert makes satirical remarks about Obama being a secret Muslim all the time, folks. So what, exactly, is the problem here?

    Slate - The New Yorker Draws Fire

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    Best line in the entire article. I rofl'd

    Also, AppleGeeks 3.0
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    I was kinda taken aback by the cover at first.

    But, it's meant to be a satire of everything that people say about Obama (those emails you get from your uncle) and in that light it is funny.

    I'm sure TNY or someone else will be doing one on McCain soon. Portraying him as Father Time, one arm, kissing Ted Kennedy with a calendar in the background saying "2109 - Withdraw troops from Iraq".
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    The first thing I thought was what the hell is their problem. Now I get it as satire, not LOL satire but still.
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    If you're offended by this, kill yourself.

    Thank you, this has been a message from the GFY Council, or "Go Fuck Yourself".
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