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Ok, so I'm gonna get straight to the point. There are a lot of politicians that I really do not like. So many of them are in it for the money or fame and don't care about us little guys. I also hate when they lie, cheat and just plain refuse to give a straight answer. Many, like Hillary, are great at politics but lack much on the moral side, as they say whatever they need to to get elected.

By the way, for those of you who haven't figured it out, that is why Hillary Clinton doesn't want to give a direct answer in her debates. She wants to keep the public neutral towards her until she gets close enough to the election to tell them what they want to hear, but not have enough time to really think about or investigate what she says.

I also did not like John Kerry. If you paid attention to his debates with Bush you would have easily picked up on the fact that he had a better plan of doing things than Bush did, regarding Iraq. Now what that plan was, nobody knows, because he failed to say.He basically said, "I have a plan, that will do this." When asked why it would do better in Iraq, he just scurted around the issue and stated again that it would improve things. Basically, he could do what Bush was doing, but he could do it better.

As you may have noticed, I mentioned two Democrats and not Republicans. There are a lot of politicians that I don't like, but the majority of them are Democrats.


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John Kerry's big thing was "I can do better". He never followed that up with what exactly he would do. He just wanted to public to assume "better" actually meant "better".


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I am starting to think this is the #1 issue with most people in America today. It makes me think Rudy is going to win it. Rudy does not apologize for social liberal issues. He states his views and tells people if its that important to you, vote for someone else. Conventional Wisdom says you will never win the republicans without going to the social conservatives, but I think Rudy can do it. Most would consider me in the same group as the Christian Conservatives and I would vote for Rudy. I know exactly what I'm getting with Rudy. The top things Rudy stands for is winning the War on Terror, lowering Corporate Taxes and energy independence. I honestly think Rudy can bridge Republicans and Democrats and unite us on whats important in the country.