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    Do you enjoy political satire?

    In here we have Les Guignols de l'Info, a satirical puppet show. They do tend to criticise the current administration but the famous people from the opposition can also be targetted. The show however is not simply limited to political satire, it's also a news satire.

    Anyway, I just saw this video of Jon Stewart's show and loved it.

    YouTube - the daily show...republican hypocrisies

    Obviously he is critical of the Bush's administration and the GOP.

    Does he have a counterpart? I mean a popular satirist who is more anti-democrats? Or perhaps shows that are more neutral (attacks both parties)? Can you share a fave segment from that show?

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    That really was a great segment. I try never to miss an episode of Stewart or Colbert.

    Another great satirist is Daily Show correspondent John Oliver, who artfully skewers American politics via TimesOnline's "The Bugle" along with his writing partner, fellow Brit humorist Andy Zaltzman.

    Here are the Bugle's podcast takes on both conventions:

    (Democratic Convention Special)

    (Republican Convention Special)

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    Maddox's website is hilarious. :lol:

    I have heard of Stephen Colbert (is that the one?). The podcast links ask me to download files. Are they available to watch online instead?
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    This thread reminded me of Spitting Image. I love a bit of PS though. 'Stoner god', Jon Stewart, has given me a few chuckles over the years.
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    That's my man! (Straight people are allowed one gay crush each, right?) He pretends to be an egocentric conservative on his show; the gag never gets old for me. Check out some video clips here.

    The files are mp3s hosted by the reputable TimesOnline website and therefore safe, but yes, you can click on the "The Bugle" link in my previous post and listen to streamed clips. (The Dem one didn't work for me, though, which is why I linked to the downloads instead.)


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