Political Review of 2009 (Satire)

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Sim, Dec 30, 2009.

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    2009 was a year of pure craziness in American politics. Here a short (but not complete) satirical review:


    This Modern World - Salon.com

    Cheers, and happy new year! =)
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    That sounds just about right.......
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    Tom Tomorrow Year In Review:

    Gets government setup he's dreamed about for years: Liberal Prez and super-majority in Congress.

    Forgets that he spent the last 8 years worried about wire taps, war on terror, gay rights, deficient spending and a host of other problems Obama was going to 'fix', instead spends next 11 months blaming the world's problems on out of power Republicans, peaceful Christians and Fox News.
  4. Sim

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    As far as I can see, he doesn't "blame the world's problems on" anyone, but just points out the really batshit crazy idiot moments of the contemporary right-wing fringe nut section. And this craziness has not become any less with a Democrat in the White House, but rather even increased. The American right is delusional, completely detached from reality and has lost any kind of "moral compass" it may have ever possessed, and the 2009 events show this more clearly than anything else.
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    I'm sorry Sim, but I've seen you on here call Pro a political hack for being so one sided and here you are exhibiting the exact same kind of behavior you criticize. To say the American right is delusional, detached from reality and lost any moral compass is deviod of any kind of intellectual honesty whatsoever.

    You do realize just about all of Tomorrow's cartoon is taking events to the extreme and is bullshit, right?
  6. MenInTights

    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    First, it was a joke, sorry if it didn't come across as such.

    I honestly know nothing about TT, but I guess if he can provide a healthy release for the "batshit crazy idiot" left that's a good thing.

    Better they laugh at a unnamed, undocumented tea-party member than to drink poisoned kool-aid(Jim Jones), send pipe-bombs to the Universities(Ted Kazenski), or tie themselves to an oil rig(Greenpeace).

    Because you know, if ALL conservatives are delusional and completely detached like you suggest then ALL liberals are are pipe-bombing, mass murders that want to make love to the polar bears, right? :lol: (that's another joke)
  7. Sim

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    Well I should have said "parts of the American right". But those who are on the crazy train of Beck/Palin etc. certainly are, and anybody who has the slightest sense for reality left in his mind can see that.

    Taking events to the extreme? Maybe, that's what satire does.

    Bullshit? Not at all. Because despite all exaggerations, good satire hits close to home just because there is much truth in it.

    Not a single of the events depicted in the cartoon is invented, all of it actually took place. And those on the right who advanced these ideas were not at all tongue in cheek when they did it, they were dead serious.

    Or do you want to say when i.e. Palin ranted against alleged "death penals", she didn't mean it? When the tea baggers went to townhall meetings, did they not mean what they said, but were just joking? When the right ranted about "telepromptergate", did they not mean it? When Obama was time and again compared to Hitler for no other reason but his abilities as a good public speaker, was that satire? When Newsmax committed high treason by proposing a military coup against President Obama, was that merely tongue-in-cheek satire, or did they voice a feeling of many on the right, who'd say and mean similar things?

    That's the sad thing about the American right: It's become so detached from reality by now that many things they say or do sound like satire. But they aren't satire, they actually mean it and believe it.

    If you disagree, then prove me wrong and explain which events in the cartoon were invented, or which were not meant that way by those on the right. You will find you cannot find a single event like that, and thus, you have to accept that I am right.
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